108 Sun salutations

A charity movement, that is, it is carried out to support charitable causes. The reason is to understand that the union of everything completes us to be able to start and finish any type of project.

108 is related to an ancestral number and related to space, clarity, a sense of calm, taking time, having patience to know that we can.

A ritual that aims to match inhalation with exhalation to convert a greeting that is 109 at the end into a dynamic meditative practice.

It is a movement that helps us understand nature since it takes place at sunrise or sunset outside.

Here in the Ebro Delta it was established two years ago by Inma Ibañez, captain of the Yoga Acts and Words center, among all of us we have been stabilizing and creating a habit where breathing leads to a sense of calm and the beauty of the environment where you can appreciate it in a much, much deeper way.