Here begins the Delta

The house

Lo Segador is a shared townhouse with 6 rooms, where nature and relaxation are in perfect harmony. Our guests are our priority.  Diversity, respect and coexistence is our philosophy. Living in the heart of the Ebre Delta sensitizes us especially with the bio-sphere and we feel very fortunate to be able to share our house in this very special environment.

Our prices vary according to season, our policy is based on NON-abusive, affordable prices for any budget and possibilities for any one.

The common spaces are designed for a successful coexistence and to be able to make full use of the house, the patio with its barbecue, the fully equipped kitchen, watching the sunset and sunrise from the terrace and watching the stars from the observatory.

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All rooms, which are exterior, spacious and traditional, have comfortable beds, nice sheets, blinds and curtains. And private bahroom whit towels and soap.


THE FLAMINGO, these are very slender birds, between 80 cm and 1.40 m long.


THE ALCEDO ATTHIS, is the bird of the month for January. 

THE COMMON NECKLACE, slender and medium-sized with completely white plumage. 

THE AUDOUIN GULL, which is very rare, is a species restricted to the Mediterranean basin. 

THE SOMORMUJO LAVANCO, is a wonderful diver, but out of the water he is heavy and deft. 


THE LARGE GARCETA, is a stylized bird, very harmonious and similar in size to the heron.



We have bicycle rentals and everyone can enjoy the green routes that make up the picturesque map of the Delta, the freshwater lagoons and the wild beaches of La Costa and birdwatching.


The horizontal Universe of the Ebro Delta is made up of 7,736 hectares, where the colors and textures vary according to the time of year. More than 350 species of birds inhabit it. In the world five flamingo species exsist, in our delta we found one nesting and two more have seen on special ocasions.
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Se fa saber: Is the way in which news is communicated in these lands. In our case it will be the news blog, where we will accommodate art, traditions and special events.

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Halley Observatory

Lo Segador inaugurates a small star observatory located at the viewpoint of the house, its seats consist of 2 of the Church of Poble Nou del Delta´s pews and there…

108 Sun salutations

A charity movement, that is, it is carried out to support charitable causes. The reason is to understand that the union of everything completes us to be able to start…

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